Date: Jan 20, 1994 1:47 PM
Author: Gene Klotz
Subject: The geometry curriculum

The National Science Foundation has recently funded 13 major
curriculum development projects. One of the high school projects (the
MATH Connections Project of the Hartford Alliance) is just in the process
of deciding what their geometry curriculum should be, and would like
relevant issues to be discussed on the Geometry Forum.

Math curriculum is like the weather - everybody complains about
it but nobody does anything about it. Here's a chance to give some
meaningful input to a project which will be having a genuine effect in
the not very distant future.

I'll now post something from Bill Berlinghoff, a senior writer
for MATH Connections, which discusses their approach to curriculum and
his preliminary opinions on the geometry curriculum.

This is an important possibility for input from a broad segment
of the mathematics community. I hope we hear from you.

Gene Klotz
Director, The Geometry Forum