Date: Nov 7, 1997 5:42 PM
Author: Michael Keyton
Subject: Re: construction of triangle of given perimeter, given point and angle

Joshua,  Are you interested in knowing how to do this construction with a
compass and a straightedge? If so, I can send you a solution, but I do not
want to post one for others to see who might not want to see an answer.

Michael Keyton

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Joshua Zucker wrote:

> This is an interesting question!
> Of course you can always solve it by analytic geometry, and then see
> that all the quantities there are constructible, and construct them.
> But that's pretty ugly! And I don't yet see any better way to do it.
> I have another construction problem which is similarly irritating to
> me (where I can prove with analytic geometry that it's constructible,
> but I can't find a nice construction, though the person who gave me
> the problem implied there ought to be a nice one):
> Given triangle ABC, find points X and Y on AB and AC such that
> BX = XY = YC.
> --Joshua Zucker