Date: Feb 11, 1993 10:54 AM
Author: Gene Klotz
Subject: New for February

Lots of new feeds/lots of new readers:

Drop us a note and tell us who you are and where you're reading us.

New possibilities for teachers:

For the time being we have modest funds which we could use to help some
worthy teachers get on the Internet, and we'd like suggestions of
particularly meritorious individual teachers of geometry. Please
nominate someone--even yourself!

We hope to soon begin working with interested teachers to develop
classroom geometry projects which involve the Internet in general and the
Geometry Forum in particular. We're looking for teachers with ideas, and
we have some modest funds available. Interested? Know anyone who might

COMAP's Project ARISE is looking for some authors. See

Summer institutes for school teachers, undergraduates, grad students,
research mathematicians:

Utah deadline for applications is March 1, 5 College Regional Geometry
Institute at Smith College is February 15. See geometry institutes.

FTP archive:

You can now get geometry software, bibliographies, articles, lists of
geometry projects, etc. from us via FTP. See separate listings on

Coming up:

Discussion of software plans. We're currently putting together our plans
for an easy and convenient newsreader which recognizes and transmits
symbols and diagrams. We'll have things thought out, written up, and
posted by the end of the month.

Gene Klotz Professor of
Mathematics Swarthmore