Date: Feb 26, 1993 3:41 PM
Author: Michelle Manes
Subject: Use of Logo in schools

Hi out there! I have a question for any teachers, students, or
other people with a lot of contact with high schools:

How prevalent is the use of Logo out there? (Particularly on the
West coast and in the Midwest?)

Our current curriculum project makes sigmificant use of Logo
(though we have introductory units, so the teachers don't
need to know any Logo to use the curriculum. They can learn
it along with their students). What we are concerned about is

1. It seems there are not many teachers/schools using Logo right
now. Is this correct?

2. There may be some resistance by teachers/schools to using Logo.
(It has some negative name-recognition. Is that right?)

3. If our curriculum made use of Logo to the point where it was really
necessary (if you couldn't do most of the units without using Logo),
would that be a positive or negative aspect of the curriculum?

4. What if the curriculum came bundled with Logo (so it did not
have to be purchased separately), would that be better? Or would
it be worse because many people already have Logo and don't need
another copy?

5. What if we developed a Logo-like language and bundled *that*
with the curriculum, and used it rather than Logo in our units?
Would that mess up everyone who already has Logo? Would people
who don't want to use Logo not want to use this either? Would
it be a waste of our time?

Any and all imput is apreciated!


Michelle Manes
Reasearch Assistant, Connected Geometry Project
Education Development Center