Date: Apr 3, 1995 12:47 PM
Author: Tom McDougal
Subject: Re: Please help on Bridges (Sources)!

In article <3jb9hh$> Sanjay Ayer, writes:
>I am an 8th grade student in Hopkins School in CT and for geometry, I
>have to do a project concerning the geometric aspect of bridges.

Look in the library card catalog under "bridges".

Not to be mean, but I have seen too many students do what you have
done: turn to the Internet first, perhaps hoping that someone will
solve their problem for them.

Several students have posted similar requests to this group under the
name "Dennis Wallace" (their teacher?). I urge Mr. Wallace to use
his interesting projects as a good excuse for his students to learn
about the wonderful stuff you can find at the library.

Tom McDougal University of Chicago Artificial Intelligence