Date: Jul 7, 2001 9:55 PM
Author: Alan
Subject: Teacher looking for a good geometry textbook

Hi, I am going to be teaching a class of home schoolers geometry. I am
looking for recommendations on a "good geometry book" to use. The
book should be targeted for honors students or college level. My
perspective on what makes a good book is one that rigorously covers
Euclidian geometry with the major emphasis on formal proof. I have no
problems with books that use real world examples and hands on
explorations, but the ones that I have seen that go this direction do
so at the expense of how much time they can devote to perusing formal
proof. Also we have no computers in the classroom.

One book I have seen a description of on the web is "Essentials of
Geometry for College Students" by Lial, Steffensen & Johnson. Has
anyone used this book and would like to comment??

Thanks for any help!
Alan Sagan

PS: Currently we are using Barbara Pool’s college algebra text
and I am just ecstatic with how this book is working out.