Date: Jul 8, 2001 5:42 PM
Subject: "Teacher looking for a good geometry textbook"

You ought to take a look at "A Course in Geometry: Plane & Solid" by
Weeks and Adkins. This is an old (circa 1961) book originally
published by Ginn. You will be hard-pressed to find a book with more
challenging material and really good "originals" (ie, proofs). The
book is so good that someone bought the rights to it, and continues to
publish it. (The company is called Bates, w/ a website at There are many schools which use this a
textbook for honors geometry.

It does need supplementing if you want to cover transformational
geometry. A good textbook, much more up-to-date, is "Geometry" by
Jurgensen/Brown/Jurgensen, which used to be published by Houghton
Mifflin (but which is now McDougall-Littell, I think).