Date: Apr 27, 2000 7:58 PM
Author: Jon Roberts
Subject: Re: proof in geometry

Hi Maria,

I have used dynamic/interactive geometry for many years and a schema that I
use in approaching proof with students from year 7 to 12 goes like this.

Investigate <---> Conjecture

The important step regarding proof is the movement from Belief to Proof and
I describe "Proof" to my students as the wider communication of a personal

It works.


Jon Roberts

maria alice wrote:

> I have being working with dynamical geometry in a Euclidian Geometry
> course. The environment works very well for conjecturing. But for
> proving the results that are visually stable... that is another PROBLEM.
> So I am interested in research results that focus on the question: how
> to promote in such environment “forms of thought” which could empower
> students in creating proofs. If too general , maybe some key words would
> be: theorems in motion, recasting of classical theorems, reasoning
> beyond indutive and deductive...
> Thanks for your attention
> Maria Alice