Date: Feb 27, 1997 3:55 PM
Author: Herman Rubin
Subject: Re: Rubin's trolls

In article <5evijs$>,
Robert Bacal <> wrote:
> (Herman Rubin) wrote:

>>>He doesn't claim these views because he knows that PURDUE doesn't and
>>>cannot teach this way. No one can!!!!

>>>Mr. Rubin is a "troller".

>>I have been teaching this way at Purdue for quite a few years. There
>>are others who are not. And unless the Statistics Department or the
>>Purdue administration deliberately take a position, which is rare,
>>there is no such view.

>The bizarre parts of this are:

>How does an academic find the time to devote to posting thousands of
>email, largely repetitive over a number of years, while still earning
>his keep?

>Equating what one can do at Purdue with what one can do at an
>underfunded school in Harlem.

Let people who have learned English and not "education" teach English.
Let people who have learned mathematics and not "education" teach mathematics.
Let people who have learned history and not "education" teach history, etc.

Let those students who want to learn have them as teachers, and let them
progress according to their speed, instead of by age. Get the others out
of their way. With that, it can be done for those willing and able to
learn in an underfunded district.

Keep children with their age group and it cannot be done. Keep those who
want to learn with those who do not and it cannot be done.
This address is for information only. I do not claim that these views
are those of the Statistics Department or of Purdue University.
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