Date: Jan 10, 2000 3:57 AM
Author: Tony Mann
Subject: Re: [HM] Name needed for a point: Hirst?

> ...
> may look some pointers up, if necessary. Thomas Archer Hirst (1830-1892)
> came later (c. 1865). By the way, there is a curious six-part series
> on Hirst's life published in the Monthly (1993). And, just for the
> record, let me point out that the MacTutor History of Mathematics
> Archive (St Andrews, Scotland) at
> has Hirst's death-date wrong -- in fact, TAH died on February 16, 1892.
> Julio Gonzalez Cabillon

An irrelevant personal remark - Hirst was the first Director of the
Royal Naval College, Greenwich - into whose buildings the University
of Greenwich moved last summer so it's now my workplace. Other
mathematicians at the Royal Naval College in the late nineteenth
century were William Niven and William Burnside.

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