Date: Mar 16, 2000 3:31 PM
Author: Andrew Bowering
Subject: [HM] L'Hopital, Pythagoras, Ptolemy and Hilbert

Note: Non-member submission

I am in my final year of a degree course in Mathematics and in need of
big help. I have noticed the wealth of knowledge out there amongst
you but now I need to tap into this knowledge. Firstly I need some
examples of results which are not named after the people who derived
them - ie - L'Hopital's rule, found by his tutor Johann Bernoulli.

Secondly, just a general question. Is there a difference between
pythagorean theorem and pythagoras' theorem? I believe there is but a
lot sources have this muddled up.

Where on earth (!) can I find information about how man's conception
of the size of universe has changed throughout history?

Finally and most importantly I need to know what progress has been
made to solving the Riemann hypothesis since it was first stated, way
back in antiquity. Also, apart from the fact that it is still not
solved, what would you consider to be significant about the problem?

I thank you all massively for any help you can give me.