Date: Mar 19, 2000 8:29 AM
Author: Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
Subject: Re: [HM] L'Hopital, Pythagoras, Ptolemy and Hilbert

Andrew Bowering wrote (in part):

> I am in my final year of a degree course in Mathematics and in need of
> big help. I have noticed the wealth of knowledge out there amongst
> you but now I need to tap into this knowledge. Firstly I need some
> examples of results which are not named after the people who derived
> them - ie - L'Hopital's rule, found by his tutor Johann Bernoulli.

Dear Andrew,

Following are a few examples from Euclidean Geometry:

1. Apollonian Circle:

This circle as locus-proposition appeared first in Aristotle, Meteor. III.
5.375b16 - 376b12

Thomas Heath: Mathematics in Aristotle.
Bristol: Thoemmes Press, 1998, pp. 181ff.

2. On the Lemoine Point a.k.a. Grebe Point:

See the HM thred "Grebe":

3. On the Feuerbach Circle a.k.a. Euler Circle:

See the HM thread "Benjamin Bevan's Problem":

Good Luck!