Date: Mar 23, 2000 6:34 AM
Author: Udai Venedem
Subject: Re: [HM] L'Hopital, Pythagoras, Ptolemy and Hilbert

Dear historians,
we only considered until now, second degree mis-attributions. What about
considering 3rd degree or more? As an example, we can consider Bezout's
identity, which we find in Bachet, and far beyond, in Brahmagupta.
Bezout's appeared in his *Cours de Mathe/matiques a\ l'usage des Gardes du
Pavillon et de la Marine, Troisie\me Partie contenant l'Alge\bre et
l¹Application de cette Science \a l'Arithme/tique et \a la Ge/ome/trie*
(Musier, Paris 1766) on pages 118-121.
Bachet's can be read in the second edition (1624) of his *Proble\mes
plaisans et de/lectables qui se font par les nombres*.
For what is of Brahmagupta my science is not a spring one, and all I know is
that it should be found in his *Brahma-Sghuta-Siddanta (628)*, which was
translated by Colebrooke (London, 1817).

Udai Venedem
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