Date: Dec 16, 1996 8:27 PM
Author: Julio Gonzalez Cabillon
Subject: Re: Roman arithmetic

On 14/12/1996 -0500, Sherman Stein wrote:

>I have recently been asked how the Romans computed with Roman numerals. I
>don't know the answer. Is there a good reference? My guess is that they

"It is widely believed that calculation with Roman numerals is a primitive
process, so clumsy that operations beyond simple addition and subtraction
become almost impossible. [...] On the contrary, the Roman system incorporates
features permitting algorithms that make multiplication and division even easier
than in our place value decimal system, as will be demonstrated here." [Kennedy,
James G.: "Arithmetic with Roman numerals, AMM, vol. 88, pp. 29-32, January

>Instead they just used an abacus (the Britannica has a photo of
>one from Roman times.) In any case there ought to be extant evidence,
>since Arabic numerals weren't introduced before 1200.

"The intimite connection between Roman numerals and the abacus has often
been noted. It may be described by saying that the Roman numeral for a number
describes the state of an abacus when it represents that number, the number
of ocurrences of each simple numeral corresponding to the number of counters
at play in the appropiate columns of an abacus when it represents that number."
[Detlefsen M., Erlandson D. K., Heston J. C., Young. C. M.: "Computation with
Roman Numerals", AHES, vol. 15, (2), pp. 141-148, 1976.]

Also have a look at:

My favourite reference is José Augusto Sánchez Pérez's
"La aritmética en Roma, en India y en Arabia", Madrid, Granada,
263 pages, 1949.

Further references:

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Julio Gonzalez Cabillon