Date: Oct 15, 1995 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: Standards

In a message dated 95-10-14 14:27:27 EDT, (Chi-Tien Hsu)

> even a well designed "real world",
>"open ended" problem can be very confusing and harmful for students'
>mathematics growth, nonetheless to say those illy designed non-mathematical
>so called "real world" "endlessly open" problems.

This whole idea of "real world" problems is kind of bogus. The much abused
coin problem is a real world problem, for exampl, but what is the difference
(in terms of the "real world") between the coin problem and, say, the ferris
wheel problem from the trig section of the Standards? I think what the
Standards really means by "real world", is problems that make you do
thinking that is similar to what you would experience if you you were out in
the real world.