Date: Apr 2, 1995 11:56 AM
Author: Annie Fetter
Subject: Visit us at NCTM!

The Geometry Forum Road Show will be in Boston on Wednesday, Thursday, and
Friday this week at the NCTM National. You could win valuable prizes!

Actually, we'll be doing our thing (whatever that is) in the Key Curriculum
Press booth in the Exhibit Hall. Stop by and visit us - if you bring me a
problem that might be appropriate for the Problem of the Week, I'll give
you a Geometry Forum keychain! They're totally cool. There will also be
some opportunities to win Geometry Forum t-shirts - have your students ever
been recognized for participating in the POW or POM? We just might have
something for you! There could even be a bonus for those who know that the
official Geometry Forum cats are named Eukie and Ivan (for Euclid and
Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky).

If you're on the nctm-l mailing list, I've got a yellow ribbon for your
name tag.

I also hope to have guided tours of the Forum available on disk -
especially for those of you who don't yet have World Wide Web access, this
is a chance to see a little bit of what the rest of the Forum looks like.

Hope to see you there. You'll know me because I'll be the tall woman with
short hair wearing a tux.


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