Date: Mar 8, 1995 12:19 PM
Subject: Re:Technology in the classroom

About that college student not knowing multiplication tables because
his elementary teacher "used" calculators: I use a game with my
2nd graders to show the foolishness of such an idea. We play "Beat
the Calculator." I take a calculator and am required to punch in every
piece of a basic fact computation problem (such as 5 - 3). My
opponent is allowed to answer the problem whenever s/he knows the
answer. A third person gives us the problem. My opponents ALWAYS beat
the computer because it is MUCH faster and more efficient to know a
basic fact than to rely on a calculator. (I may have forgotten to mention
that I'm not allowed to give the answer until it comes up on the calculator
screen). I see I used the word computer up there--I meant calculator.
Now, does that make any sense? If you don't understand the game because
I have so buthchered the explanation, please write to me personally-- ANway, I REALLY doubt that a college
student would rely on a calculator for multiplication facts. If that is
the case, this person has no number sense and is surely having terrible
problems in other areas of mathematics! Cindy Chapman