Date: Mar 9, 1995 8:55 AM
Author: Eileen Abrahamson
Subject: Re: Technology in the classroom

>Please don't tell me that anyone who can't do something just doesn't try.

I think the paint remains, it was not the use of calculatores that caused
you not to learn the multiplication tables. It does, however, point to the
fact that for students such as yourself, calculators become an essential


>>Someone is pulling your leg if they have gotten you to believe that the
>>reason they do not know their multiplication facts is because their
>>"teacher" used a calculator. The reason they do not know their
>>multiplication facts is because they looked for "excuses" not to learn
>>Using calculators or any other machine does not prevent people from
>>learning. It is and always will be their own choice.
>>Eileen Abrahamson
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>Mark Priniski Pioneering Partner '93
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Eileen Abrahamson
Edw. Neill Elemetary
13409 Upton Ave. So.
Burnsville, MN 55337