Date: Apr 11, 1995 3:47 PM
Author: Karen Dee Michalowicz
Subject: Meeting Proposals

One of the advantages that I have in making proposals is that
my topics on mathematics history don't become dated. Also, I
propose something, two years ahead of time, that I want to

For some time now I've wanted to look at Native American
Mathematics, especially the Anastazi, the Myan, and the Aztec
(my spell check isn't working, I hope my spelling is correct).
Thus, for San Diego I proposed "Celebrating Native American
Mathematics." It was accepted. I've been working on the topic
for several months now and will have activities by September to
use with my classes.

I'm already thinking about l997. I do a math tour of England
each year with my middle school students. I think I will
propose speaking on what I do. It's a ball. Does it sound
interesting to you all?

Take care, KD


Karen Dee

Math History Lives!

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