Date: Apr 14, 1995 4:01 PM
Subject: Re: Fuzzy Logic session

Esther D. Leonelli    <>  wrote:
> For example, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Norman Lott Webb
> speak on "Fuzzy Logic, Assessment, and the Next Seventy-five
> Years." I'd never heard of "Fuzzy Logic" and it was fascinating to hear
> of this relatively new field of algebra set theory (30 years) that is used
> more outside this country (particularly in Japanese electronic control
> industry) than in the United States.

Hmmm... I hated that session. Having already read Bart Kosko's book on fuzzy
logic, I hoped to hear a presentation that would *apply* fuzzy logic to
assessment. Unfortunately, the lecture was way too theoretical and virtually
no emphasis was placed on the application of fuzzy logic to education. (I
spent far more energy watching the second ASL translator completely mangle
Webb's speech!)

We came in with different expectations and came out with different
perceptions of the same talk. And that can be a lesson about conference
sessions ... most of them are hit or miss, and not all of it because of the

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