Date: Apr 19, 1995 7:50 PM
Author: Linda Dodge (Frontier RSH)
Subject: Re: 5th grade activity

The Moebius strip helped me make a connection to the way some rational
graphs behave near their asymptotes. Take the function 1/x the right
of the y-axis it's reaching up into positive infinity and to the left of the
y-axis it is plummeting into negative infinity. The asymptote is rather like
the line one draws down the middle of the moebius strip with the twist
happening out there in infinity. I might be all wet but it works for me.

Also, I thought I read somewhere that some conveyor =type belts have a
moebius twist in them so that the surface on both sides is worn down evenly.
Does that make any sense or was I just taken in by one of those Paul Bunyan
stories about the moebius strip?

>On Wed, 19 Apr 1995 wrote:

>> Re: Cathy Brady's "where's the math?": If surfaces and edges aren't math,
>> what is? If geometric reasoning isn't math (see comment in first
>> paragraph), what is?

>Somehow I don't think that's the answer that will sell someone without a
>graduate degree in mathematics.
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