Date: Apr 19, 1995 7:19 PM
Author: Dawn Hoyt Kidd
Subject: Infinity

It has been interesting reading the many postings on infinity activities
and opinions. It seems as though some people think fifth grade is too
young to be concerned with such a topic. Now, infinity is not something I
have taught before, so maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that it could be an
exciting topic to discuss with that age group and possibly younger. My son
has asked me about infinity since he was in kindergarten (he's in second
grade now). It seems that there was an arguement with his friends whether
or not infinity was "a number," (someone's older brother said it was "a
number"). Of course, being the teacher I am, I asked him what HE thought
it was, and we had some interesting conversations on the matter, without
getting caught up in the mathematics (or semantics) of it all. It seems
that if kids are interested in the idea, why not have some interesting
activities (or at least discussions) to expand their present knowledge
(which may include misconceptions)? Anyway, I've enjoyed reading the
activities -

Dawn Hoyt Kidd/University of Texas at Austin