Date: Apr 18, 1995 6:38 PM
Author: Bill Richards
Subject: WWW in K-12 math/science

The last Michigan Gateways show of the '94-'95 season will be on the World
Wide Web and how this Internet resource can be put to use in K-12 math and
science education.

I am looking for leads, and perhaps you can help.

1) For our "Spotlight" segment, we would like to focus on a high school
math or science class in an urban area in Michigan that is making GOOD use
of the World Wide Web. Is there a teacher or school in Michigan that you
would suggest I contact?

2) In place of our "For Discussion..." segment (conversation with
teachers), we would like to introduce a new "mini-workshop" segment (we
don't have a title for this yet). For this, I'm hoping to identify a
teacher who could visit our studios to record a short segment demonstrating
a Web-based excercise/activity that illustrates an effective way to use
this resource in K-12 math/science education. Are there any Michigan
teachers who come to mind that might fit the bill?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


William R. Richards

MICHIGAN GATEWAYS 212 Communication Arts Bldg
The Television Program East Lansing, MI 48824-1212
for Teachers of ph: 517 355-2300 ext 422
Mathematics and Science fx: 517 353-7124