Date: Apr 19, 1995 1:09 PM
Author: Steve Weimar
Subject: Internet summer institute, Geometry/Coalition of Essential schools

[Coalition schools have received this via the postal service but we're
posting this electronically as a reminder since the deadline approaches
quickly. -- steve]

Title of Event: Geometry, the Internet and the Coalition of Essential

Date: July 23-30, 1995

Location: Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

Short Description: This institute is being co-sponsored by the Geometry
Forum, a National Science Foundation funded program at Swarthmore College
in PA, and the Coalition of Essential Schools. The Geometry Forum is a
computerized network linking "geometers" and classrooms around the world
through the power of the Internet. This electronic community enables
teachers and students to exchange ideas and resources and to access
geometers and math educators nationally.

Participants will become familiar with the resources currently available to
math and science teachers through the Internet, as well as develop
materials and projects for their own classrooms and students.
Participating teachers will receive geometry software and support for
linking school computers to the network. Other institute activities will

-Sharing and developing teaching strategies for rich,
constructivist-oriented learning experiences that take advantage of the
latest on-line technology and implement the NCTM standards.
-Creating a resource network of teachers for the exchange of curriculum
materials and ideas, programs and files.
-Linking teachers and students with geometry experts from around the world.
-Developing special geometry network projects and essential questions.

Who Should Participate: Elementary and secondary math/science teachers from
CES schools who teach geometry concepts and skills are eligible to apply.
Teams of teachers with a technology coordinator will get preference. The
application form can be found below and sent to
or by postal service to the address below. It will also be possible to
submit a form via the World Wide Web. Check the Forum web site and look
under What's New for an announcement of this and other summer institute
applications (

Leaders: Steve Weimar, Annie Fetter, and David Weksler from The Geometry

Cost: $200 (covers room, board, registration and materials)
Sponsored by: The Geometry Forum and the Coalition of Essential Schools

Institute Contact person: Steve Weimar
Organization: The Geometry Forum
Address: Swarthmore College
City: Swarthmore
State & Zip: PA, 19081-1397
Telephone: 800-756-7823

Coalition Contact:
Ted Hall
Coalition of Essential Schools

due Friday, April 28, 1995

Geometry, the Internet and the Coalition of Essential Schools
July 23-30, 1995
Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA



Home Address:

School Name:

School Address:

Principal's Name:

Names of others from your school applying :
(individuals may apply, although preference will be given to teams that
include geometry teachers and a technology coordinator or other

Note: We encourage all those interested to apply. If we are
oversubscribed, we will fill the institute based on how applicants answer
the following questions:

* Do you teach geometry and are you willing to think about teaching
mathematics in new ways?
* Are you applying as a team from your school? Who is on the team?
* At what stage of Coalition membership is your school?
* What are your experiences with collaboration?
* What are your experiences with telecommunications, including the
* Do you have (or can you get) a computer and modem at home?
* Do you have access (preferably in the classroom) to a computer and
modem in school?

Please answer all questions on a separate piece of paper. Type your responses.

1. Describe the ways in which you or your team answers the questions

2. Why do you want to participate in this institute? What do you hope to

3. Describe the restructuring work you-and your school-has done in
terms of the nine Common Principles, the math curriculum in general and
geometry in particular, and technology. Please be specific, and focus on
student work and student learning.

Please send your application by April 28, 1995 to:

The Geometry Forum
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA
Telephone: 1-800-

or e-mail it to: