Date: Apr 19, 1995 1:24 PM
Author: Steve Weimar
Subject: Georgia Geometry and Internet Institute

Geometry and the Internet

This is to announce a conference for Georgia math teachers. Participants
will be introduced to new resources in the field and become involved in the
The Geometry Forum, a developing computerized network linking geometers and
classrooms around the world through the power of the Internet. This is the
second summer for this conference to be held at Berry College, Mt. Berry,
Georgia, and this summer it will take place June 25-30, 1995.

The goal for the week is to become familiar with the great number of
resources available through the Internet and to develop additional
materials and projects that would enhance its usefulness and accessibility
to schools and math educators.

Topics will include:

- Sharing and developing teaching strategies for rich,
constructivist-oriented classroom experiences that take advantage of the
online approach and implement NCTM standards;
- Writing in-and between-geometry classrooms;
- Creating a resource area for geometry teachers to exchange lessons,
curricula, and exciting new computer programs and files;
- Linking teachers, students, and geometry experts from around the
- Conducting special geometry network projects, such as calculating
the circumference of the earth.

The Geometry Forum is funded by the National Science Foundation. All of the
Forum servers (www, gopher, ftp, news) can be reached using as the server address.

Georgia teachers interested in participating in the conference should
contact Alan Vlach at Berry College as soon as possible for more
information. (email contact preferred)
706-232-5374 (x2315)