Date: Apr 19, 1995 5:42 AM
Author: Barbara W. Snyder
Subject: Re: Fifth grade activity

As a home-schooling parent, I scan this digest in search of activities of
just this sort. If you have access to the World Wide Web, you might find
something of interest at the MegaMathematics site. (URL is They offer lesson plans
dealing with map coloring, graph theory, knots, algorithms, logical
analysis, and infinity paradoxes. All come with background information,
suggested activities, references for further study, and tie-ins to the NCTM

Unfortunately, the section on infinity does not offer much in the way of
"active" exploration. It does, however include a story, "The Hotel
Infinity," based on Ganow's paradoxes, and suggests that students try to
illustrate it.

Barbara Snyder