Date: Apr 26, 1995 12:14 AM
Author: Ed Wall
Subject: Accessible problems

I was reviewing a video of the Fermat Fest held to celebrate Andrew Wyles (sp?)
solution of Fermat's Last Theorem to see if it was reasonable for my Algebra
class to view (I've been doing a little with Diophantine problems so it
probably is). Andrew was talking about when he was ten of trying it for the
first time. I can remember when I 'tried' also (with less result :) ) and
probably others can remember also. It was an accessible problem and definitely
a challenge.

Some of the panel members were talking about this accessibility and the fact
that some major mathematics was being done later in one's career because of
the need to gain more background. I began wondering what were the new
accessible challenges for our 'teens'. Are there any more accessible, easily
stated, unproven mathematical statements or are those days over?

Ed Wall