Date: Aug 15, 1995 12:08 PM
Author: Bill Higginson
Subject: A Framework for Continuing Education for Math Teachers

I'm in the early stages of working with some other Canadian math
educators on the development of a framework for continuing education for
math teachers (very much in keeping with many of the ideas around the
standards documents I think). What we envisage is an architecture which
individuals or organizations could endorse, commit to ... - however one
might phrase it - , that would emphasize long-term teacher development -
ideally we'd see categories like candidate, associate, mentor, master,
fellow, roughly tied to participation/leadership at the classroom - school
- district - region - province - nation level. We have very little history
here of systematic professional development with any sort of link to salary
or postions of responsibility [as with the 'x' units of credit for
attendance at a professional meeting that we sometimes see in the US
As you can tell from this rather inchoate description we are in the
very early stages of our work on this. What we would appreciate - directly
to me unless you think that the list as a whole would benefit from your
comments - are pointers to documents, internet sites, organizations, or
individuals who might have been down this road before. I'm happy to
summarize for the list as a whole should the response merit that.

P.S. I was very pleased recently to find the Curriculum Standards on the
Web - if you haven't seen it - a
very attractive version too - but why did it take so long? As a
(preservice) teacher educator I can't in good conscience recommend that my
students fork over a rather hefty amount of money - especially in devalued
$ - for one, two or three Standards documents - at least at this stage in
their careers when their interest in 'the other division(s)' is fairly slim
- even though I think that the documents are important and well done - so
the Web version is welcome alternative. Does anyone know what plans there
are for more NCTM visibility on the Web? The Science folk are way ahead of
this in this regard - - is NSTA's quite fine hut in

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