Date: Dec 4, 1995 11:08 PM
Author: Rebecca Corwin
Subject: Re: Math Ed.

        Reply to:   RE>Math Ed.

This is an interesting topic, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of different

But we need to attend to what we mean by integation of mathematics. Do we
mean something like "using arithmetic"? Do we mean looking at mathematical
history when we look at history? Do we mean writing in the mathematics class
and doing mathemaics in the writing class? I'm curious to find out what
people are doing.

Glad you asked the question!

Rebecca Corwin
Lesley College
Cambridge MA
.......a college that's almost got email..........

Date: 12/1/95 12:48 AM
To: Rebecca Corwin
A question to ask of educators out there: Are schools doing enough to
integrate math with other disciplines, such as science, social studies or
even language arts?
I am a Pacific Lutheran University methods student who would like to
get a variety of professional opinions on this subject.
Thank you

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