Date: Feb 20, 1995 8:35 PM
Author: Karen Dee Michalowicz
Subject: Re: NCTM: Canadian question and suggestion

According to JANIS:
> Question:what are SSIs? we don't use the term here.

SSI stands for State Systemic Initiative. It is a reform
movement funded by the National Science Foundation. I believe
there are 26 (I might have the wrong number) funded throughout
the United States. States that received the NSF monies made
proposals on how they would use the money to enhance
mathematics and science education in their states; how they
would lead mathematics education toward the NCTM standards and how
they would move science education toward the NAST's benchmarks.

My state, Virginia, is one of the states that received the
SSI grant. Each state has a different way of using their money.
My state has a Lead Teacher component of its reform, VQUEST.
We train 240 teachers each year from all over the state. Our
goal is to put a math and a science lead teacher in every
elementary and middle school in Virginia. I am very proud of
our program. And I am very proud of the teachers that I have
trained for the last several summers. They are fine dedicated
math and science teachers. Using the internet is an important
part of our training. We want our teachers to have the
opportunity to be able to network with other teachers all over
our state and the country.



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