Date: Feb 22, 1995 4:31 PM
Author: Annie Fetter
Subject: Announcing nctm-l-boston

In the original annoucement of the revival of this list, I said I had a
solution to the problem of posting about where to eat in Boston in April.
Well, here it is.

We have set up a temporary list called nctm-l-boston which will be for
those who are planning to attend the NCTM National Meeting in Boston in
April. You can talk about where to eat, where to stay, where to meet, when
"one of us" is giving a talk, what to wear, what the temperature might be,
what the public transporation and parking will be like, etc (you get the
idea). These are important things for the people on nctm-l, but not for
everyone. And as the conference approaches, these sorts of notes will
increase in frequency. So to keep the (main) list clear of this traffic,
we've created the second list.

Going to Boston? Wanna know what you're going to miss by not going to
Boston? You can subscribe to this list by sending the following message to

subscribe nctm-l-boston

(yes, it's an el, not a one).

This list will exist until probably the end of April or so. Then we can
create nctm-l-wherever for the next meeting :-)

Depending on the sort of traffic that takes place, we might even set up
some sort of FAQ. I'll see what I can do.

Remember, send the subscription requests to,
NOT to this list.

I hope this proves useful for many of us. And I'll post this once a week
for the new folks joining the nctm-l list in the interim (or in response to
relevant postings).


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