Date: Feb 23, 1995 6:07 PM
Author: Dagfinn Eggen
Subject: Graphic calculators

I am a Norwegian math teacher. I am teaching maths at a technical college in 
Trondheim Norway. My pupils are from 20 - 45 years of age. Mostly they are
skilled workers going back to school to learn more theory.

Calculators with graphical display are very hot stuff here in Norway. At
college level the use of graphical calculators are compulsory (is that the
right word for it??) from this year on. At my school there are mostly CASIO
calculators (Casio 9700) but also some Texas Instr. and HP-calculators.

Does anyone know if there somewhere on Internet is a place for stuff about
graphical calculators? I have found some sites but they are mostly for
advanced HP calculators.