Date: Feb 24, 1995 4:08 PM
Author: Rick Simon
Subject: Re: NCTM --text series that support the standards

> Students need to be taught how to use all kinds
> of resources - even their textbooks. They should also be taught how to
> de-code them - or we should be addressing this in other ways.
> Rose Marie
> Grade 7 math teacher
> Rhode Island

Some of you might be interested in Warren Esty's book, "The Language of
Mathematics", and the work Esty has done in studying the difficulty students
have in reading and comprehending mathematics. For example, he points out that
mathematics is written in a declarative mode (a theorem states a fact); but
the translation teachers make for students is into an imperative mode (what to
do with the fact).

For more info, I believe he can be reached as

Rick Simon
University of La Verne