Date: Feb 26, 1995 4:08 PM
Author: Joan Reinthaler
Subject: recent postings

	Some of the postings I've been reading lately reflect a doctrinaire 
self-righteousness that doesn't seem very helpful. I don't think that any
of us have all the answers, neither those who ridicule anyone who
supports teaching skills or those who attack anyone who is
considering new methods and approaches.
Most of the good math teachers I know (and there are a lot of
these around) are struggling with what to retain and what to change, how
to incorporate technology wisely, where data analysis fits in, what
topics are, in fact, expendable. We are weighing priorities. We
recognize that we can't do it all and we need to have the humility to
realize that we may make mistakes. For better or for worse, we are
living in a time of real change and the fact that people are all over the
place, going in different directions and investigating different
approaches is a source of strength. A lot of useful ideas will emerge
out of all this and we need to be open enough to recognize the good stuff.

Joan Reinthaler