Date: Jul 3, 1995 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: Dan and coaches


At our school we do not have coaches in our administration (just the rest of
Alabama). Our director has a masters degree in math (not math ed) and the
three vice principles, who also teach, each hold a Phd. (English,Physics,
and Film Criticism).

As for the shortage in math or science teachers in Texas or anywhere else,
this situation is always artificial. I've got a crate full of resumes in my
office of people with advanced degrees in math who are looking for a job. My
advice is to drop the moronic certification process and boot out the

I, myself, am a lifetime athelete and former varsity tennis player. There is
nothing inheretly wrong with being a coach-- I wish I could do some coaching.
I just believe that young people need to be surrounded by educated adults
when they are in school!!