Date: Jul 5, 1995 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: Scott, curriculum


Just because students aren't doing well in math doesn't mean we need a new
standard curriculum. What is the main thing that has changed in the last 50
years? Women have joined men in the work force (which is good, I believe).
The brightest women no longer go into teaching and they are not home raising
their children. In addition. we have one of the highest rates of
illigitamate births in the world. This has caused a huge social change
which is not going to be corrected by inventing a new curriculum. Most math
teachers do not have the education to impliment the Standards in any case.

If teachers and administrators were forced to be educated, they would bring
there own standards into the classroom. Educating teachers is the first
standard that must be put in place although this alone will not solve the

I'm not totally against what the NCTM has accomplished. I listen to all
ideas and have picked up quite a few interesting teaching stategies both from
the Standards and from other teachers on this mailing list. I've been
particularly inspired to do more more group learning activities next year.