Date: Jul 8, 1995 11:51 AM
Subject: collaboration vs. cooperation

I think there some real misunderstanding about collaboration.  May I 
suggest the following definition from Schrage:

collaboration is the process of shared creation: two or more
individuals with complemetary skills interacting to create a shared
understanding that non had previously possessed or could have come to on
their own!

This is certainly more than simply putting kids in groups. In fact,
kids need to understand the power of collaborative efforts in
cooperative settings. It is important that kids and teachers don't
confuse collaboration with simple consensus reaching (which often
results in mediocre group efforts!), and that kids don't succomb to
GROUPTHINK, that demon of overconformity!

I use cooperative learning a great deal and because of my experiences I
have come to value individualism as well. There is indeed a good side
of individualism. It seems that the freshest ideas often come from
diversity and those marginal to the group.

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