Date: Jul 19, 1995 10:35 PM
Author: Kevin J.Maguire
Subject: Word problems.

Firstly I would like to thank Katherine for her suggestion re following 
other steams of discussion.
I am in the initial stage of planning a small research project
about the ability of young children (about Grade 3 or 4) to write word
problems for the four operations as a measure of their understanding of
these processes. I have already listed (for myself) some ideas but would
like to read what others may have to say about this.
A second line I would like to pursue is how natural is it for
young children (kindergarten - first year at school) to model the
activities presented in word problems in the four operations. Working
with young children over the last few months I have found that they do no
spontaneously model - yet much of the literature refers to young
children modeling procedures. As above I have noted what I would like to
do but would welcome input from informed colleagues.
With kind regards,

Kevin J. Maguire
School of Education Telephone: 61 3 9479 2080
La Trobe University