Date: Jul 21, 1995 7:42 PM
Author: Annie Fetter
Subject: Weekly Posting: How to Unsubscribe

[Note:  this should not need to be a weekly posting.  When you subscribe to
this list, the first thing you receive from the mailing list manager is a
welcome message. The first thing in that message is instructions on how to
unsubscribe. You should save this message! Please do so in the future, or
risk incurring the rath of thousands of people on mailing lists who have to
read your unsubscribe requests that were sent to the list address instead
of the administrative address.]

To unsubscribe from the nctm-l list, send a message to

The message should read

unsubscribe nctm-l

That's it. Do not include your name. Do not include your .signature. Do
not say please.


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