Date: Jun 1, 1995 7:30 AM
Author: W Gary Martin
Subject: Re: meaningful standards (fwd)


I am wondering, Is this a result of the teaching style or of effective
classroom discipline?

A common fallacy is that inquiry-based learning implies lax classroom
discipline. To me the bottom line is holding students accountable for their
behavior (respectful, attentive, etc.) no matter what instructional style
is used. Indeed, my experience is that many students find it easier to
function effectively in an inquiry-based learning environment as they may
be more engaged. The accountability becomes internalized (it benefits both
me invidually and my class as a whole) rather than being an external
imposition by the teacher.

Just a thought, expressed in a hopefully non-condescending manner.


>Harvey and friends-
>I was shocked and more than a little distressed this evening while watching a
>news piece on the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour. The subject was the seeming
>success of Catholic schools with minority kids who were previously doing
>poorly in public school.
>Accompanying the talk by the reporter (which I was totally incapable of
>understanding since I didn't discover this for myself) were pictures (which
>were more enlightening.)
>You know what, Harvey!? Teachers were actually in front of their classes,
>talking!! And the students were actually listening!! Even raising their
>hands to answer questions. I've not seen such a blatant attempt at
>ethnocentrism since our last flag salute at school...about two months ago.
>Teachers talking, students listening, actually doing homework, four years of
>math required. And the absurdity to suggest the kids were learning better.
>This must be a papal plot to weaken the American child!!
>I'm speechless (which will allow for real discovery tomorrow in room 232.)
>; )
>Dan Hart

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