Date: Jun 1, 1995 2:06 PM
Author: David Scott Powell
Subject: Re: meaningful standards (fwd)

>Harvey and friends-
>I was shocked and more than a little distressed this evening while watching a
>news piece on the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour. The subject was the seeming
>success of Catholic schools with minority kids who were previously doing
>poorly in public school.

Is this really a surprise? I would think that there are a few more factors
involved here then just the classroom model. What about class size? What
about the fact that they are probably not a minority in this school and so
feel more comfortable? Have you ever taught in a catholic school? I have
and I know the reason why the behvavior seemed so good is because well they
run a very tight ship if you know what I mean. I think they would be doing
well no matter what the teacher had done(standing in front or not)

>Accompanying the talk by the reporter (which I was totally incapable of
>understanding since I didn't discover this for myself) were pictures (which
>were more enlightening.)
>You know what, Harvey!? Teachers were actually in front of their classes,
>talking!! And the students were actually listening!!

This is very interesting. How do you know they were listening? How much
of this was because the cameras were there and how much was actually really
going on?

Even raising their
>hands to answer questions. I've not seen such a blatant attempt at
>ethnocentrism since our last flag salute at school...about two months ago.

Does this mean that learning takes place when kids are raising there hands?
I would be interested to know the question and the responce. I would also
like to know what the students who didn't raise there hands were thinking.

>Teachers talking, students listening, actually doing homework, four years of
>math required. And the absurdity to suggest the kids were learning better.
>This must be a papal plot to weaken the American child!!

Dan I am lost here. How do you know these things? What makes this better
or worse than anywhere else? What sort of situation did these students
come from? I don't see how this tells us anything about the classroom

>I'm speechless (which will allow for real discovery tomorrow in room 232.)
>; )
>Dan Hart
>LAUSD "Where real reform means cutting the school year down to 163 days and
>maintaining the Sex Equity Commission"

Dan, maybe if you would explain with a little more detail I will know how
to react to this info. I didn't see this last night(McNeil who?)
I was probably watching Brady Bunch or something much more realistic!!

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