Date: Jun 1, 1995 10:31 AM
Author: Herbert Kasube
Subject: Algebra in Middle School

Just a comment from my personal experience with algebra in the middle school.
My daughter attended a gifted middle school and took the equivalent of
what the high schools call Algebra 1-2 while there. She was actually
given "credit" at the high school level. Her freshman year she took
Algebra 3-4, sophomore year Geometry and during her junior year she took
a true Precalculus course with an eye on AP Calculus next year in her
senior year.

The area high schools have found this process quite successful, as far as
I can tell. A few years back they tried the more "traditional" sequence
with the incoming freshmen taking Geometry when they had credit for
Algebra 1-2 in middle school. They then took Algebra 3-4 during their
sophomore year. They found this not as successful. The feeling was (as
I heard it) that the freshmen were note mathematically mature enough for
the "theory" in geometry. With the new sequence, things have gone much

Herb Kasube
Department of Mathematics
Bradley University
Peoria, IL 61625