Date: Jun 1, 1995 5:26 PM
Author: Annie Fetter
Subject: List Problems

Some of you might have noticed that this morning, right in the middle of a
pretty heated, uh, conversation, the list just stopped. No, it wasn't me
playing Big Bad List Owner. Instead, our computer spontaneously
unsubscribed _everyone_ from the list. So anything sent out after about 8
this morning EDT didn't get out (basically, if you haven't seen your
posting yet, it's gone). Unfortunately I didn't really notice the problem
until about 4 (though I did realize it got pretty quiet!). Please resend
your message if you still have it.

If you don't have it, but know you mailed something, you have two options:
Ask me real nice, and I'll haul it out of the archives and post it for you,
or grab a copy of the archive from this month (today!) as

and pick your message out.

The list whould be okay now, except that I had to restore it from backup,
and so people (who obviously aren't you) who subscribed since then are not
subscribed. I hope to take care of that by tomorrow morning.

I'm really sorry about the problem. I'm happy to share the Long Version
with anyone who cares. (No, nctm-l wasn't the only list nuked, so don't
all take it personally. 28 lists at our site bit it this morning.)

Your friendly list owner,


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