Date: Jun 1, 1995 8:29 PM
Author: W Gary Martin
Subject: Re: meaningful standards (2nd try)


Are you saying that inquiry-based learning is "entertaining"? I doubt that
my students would agree. They would say it is a lot of work, challenging,
demanding. And frequently enjoyable. I'm not sure "entertaining" would come
to their minds.

Certainly learning self-discipline in the face of disagreeable situations
is important. But I'm not sure that a math classroom is the best forum for
that. Perhaps we could have them break rocks in the hot sun for one hour
every afternoon. Or force them to work at MacDonald's every night after
school. :)


>>A common fallacy is that inquiry-based learning implies lax classroom
>>discipline. To me the bottom line is holding students accountable for their
>>behavior (respectful, attentive, etc.) no matter what instructional style

>I agree. Often times, inquiry-based learning involves more discipline,
>particularly self imposed discipline by the students.
>But I also think the kind of discipline I alluded to about the Catholic
>school piece is important as well. Listening to lectures, taking notes, being
>actively involved in something which is not totally engrossing shows a very
>high level of self discipline.
>We do not exist solely to be entertained.

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