Date: Jun 2, 1995 7:17 PM
Subject: Re: Please don't misrepresent

To the rest of you-

I will share the infamous page 7 of "Investigating Math" as soon as I can. I
loaned my book to an acquaintance who is currently discussing these issues in
a public forum.

But to dispute the fact many of these new texts don't have a decidedly
liberal bent is ludicrous to me. And I wouldn't even argue that it affects
the math severely. My concern is that typically kids are taught, more and
more, to despise things about this country while accepting wholesale the
virtues of everyone not-American. This is multiculturalism at its worst.

I would direct you to the recent defeat of the history standards by a vote of
99-0 in the Senate. Even liberals such as Ted Kennedy voted against it. But I
guess I'm being non-specific and over generalizing.

Dan Hart