Date: Jun 2, 1995 12:56 PM
Subject: equity & diversity

>The NCTM is an
>excellent example of this in that every publication they put out is brim full
>of statements about "equity" and "diversity", two mantras of the educational
> Left.

I'm a girl. My kid is LD. The system I grew up in threw me on the
science/math/technology junkheap (yeah I was in honors classes but the real
message - which I swallowed completely - was "don't you dare think of this
as a career choice"; my road to becoming a mathematician was quite
circuitous, believe me), and threw kids like my kid on the total junkheap.

Equity and diversity aren't issues of politics (although they can be
clumsily dealt with that way) but simple human decency and the practical
recognition that when you throw a kid on the junkheap s/he grows up to act
like junk.

Judy Roitman, Mathematics Department
Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66049