Date: Jun 2, 1995 6:37 PM
Subject: Re: An open letter to Tad

Tad- You wrote-

>So, does a person's intelligence "fixed"? You mentioned it cannot be
>taught, but is there a possibility that it _can_ develop further in a
>certain environment than in others? What role does development
>(physical/mental) play? Does intelligence also grow?

I would imagine it's not static; it must fluctuate a bit. Large fluctuations?
Perhaps if kids are reached early in their lives large changes can be made.
But I would think the habit of watching TV eight hours per day, never reading
a book, or never doing one's homework would work to make one less
intelligent. What do you think?

>Also, if the teacher knows the differences in "intleeigence" among
>his/her students, is it ethical for the teacher to provide the same
>curriculum to all students?

Why wouldn't it be unethical to do that? Give me some arguments each way and
I'll pick the answer. How 'bout that?
Just a few questions.