Date: Jun 3, 1995 1:30 PM
Author: Michelle Manes
Subject: Re[2]: Please don't misrepresent

Subject: Re: Please don't misrepresent
From: at internet
Date: 6/2/95 7:17 PM

>I'm not an experienced user of the internet, but how ethical is it to make
>public a privately addressed post? Would someone besides Mike address that.
>I'd like to know.

Since no one else has answered, I will. I don't like to make "ethical"
judgements about people, expecially people on the Net. So I'll say this:
Copying a private email to a public forum without the author's permission
to do so is rude.

This says nothing about how I feel about the current debate. I just
want to point out to some people who may be new at this form of
communication that it is not a good example to follow.