Date: Jun 4, 1995 1:43 PM
Author: Chih-Han sah
Subject: Addendum to Booklist

	Aside from the correction that Friedman should be Friedberg,
there are the following items:

Under Publishers:

Dale Seymour Publ. (0) 1-800-872-1100

I have just added two more items under the heading of Encylopedia.



Seymour, D., Encyclopedia of mathematical topics and references,
Dale Seymour Publ., 1994.

This is designed for students in search of a projects.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics, MIT Press, 1987. 2nd (paperback
now available in 2 volumes),

This is an excellent collection of articles written by Japanese
mathematicians. It essentially covers the main areas of
what might be called "mainstream mathematics" where Japanese
mathematicians have made contributions. If you look for
fractals, you won't find it. However, in that general area,
Shishikura has made important contributions at the cutting
edge. Most of the topics are too advanced for 12-th graders.
However, it does provide a place where one can point to the
links to most of the frontiers.


Han Sah,