Date: Jun 4, 1995 4:01 PM
Author: Richard Fouchaux
Subject: Re(2): meaningful standards (fwd)

>It just occured to me that when I teach the junior-level mathematics
>analysis course here at the University of Kansas things go a lot better if
>I have students do little projects in which they are forced to grapple with
>situations underlying difficult concepts *before* the concepts are defined
>-- after all, that's where the concepts come from.

>I suspect that this is true to some extent at every level.

>This is not saying that we should always go from s. to g.; just that
>sometimes it really works.

I agree ! Sometimes I start a lesson with my 7th & 8th graders saying
"Here's an investigation I'd like to try - after you've looked at it for a
while maybe you'd care to guess what today's lesson is about ?" -- these have
become known as my "mystery topics" and seem to supply some intrigue and
motivation to think about the investigation.



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